Gallery : Personal Work – Still Life – A Crystal Perspective

As a child I had a love of reading encyclopedia volumes from cover to cover and I once came across a section about geology and rocks. After this I began reading and researching the many semi precious crystals that humans have been finding embedded in the earth for many millennia and loved even more that they have alleged mystical properties that assist with everything from healing illness to balancing chakras. Whilst some might find these new age claims far fetched, if nothing else, crystals are beautiful and fascinating objects and I have been collecting and displaying them around my home and office for over twenty years.

This series is of macro close up images of the surface of crystals and rocks that have been made up of many captures in a style of photography called focus stacking, a technique that I have been working in extensively for the past five years. The reason for the name A Crystal Perspective is that they were intended to look like otherworldly landscapes as they appear from a birds eye view. They could be aerial images shot by drone or from a helicopter, instead they are glimpses into tiny pieces of geological formations that we often see at gift shops or in museums. These images give the viewer an opportunity to get in close to them and ponder their charm and nuances and at the same time, marvel at what both time and just the right conditions can create within the earth's crust.