Gallery : Personal Work – Still Life – Discarded I

Discarded I

I have had the theme of garbage and cast offs for many years in my personal work. As a life long recycler and someone who loves repurposing, I am constantly fascinated with not only what humanity considers trash, but what nature considers trash also. I started this series in 2017 during walks in my neighbourhood, when I began to notice the many pieces of detritus littering my path, especially after storms. I live in an established area with a lot of trees, parks, nature reserves and overgrown gardens with Australian natives and all manner of miscellaneous botanica, and it is a never ending job for both residents and council to keep the streets tidy.

The advantage of this however are the plethora of branches, leaves and bits that fall to the ground that make for interesting subjects in still life photographs and displays in the many pottery vessels I keep in my home and studio. There is however one major rule: I am strictly only allowed to pick things up off the ground, I never break anything off a tree or plant, further preserving the idea of making something beautiful out of debris and refuse and leaving a living plant alone to grow and thrive without intentional removal of any part. The only time I don't use detritus from the street or bush, is when stylists leave flowers and plants in my studio at the conclusion of a shoot. These abandoned cast offs are also at times utilised into this series.

All of these images are available to purchase as limited edition prints. Please contact me for details of sizes and cost.