Gallery : Personal Work – Still Life – Stick & Stone

I have always loved trash and cast offs, recycling and repurposing. Whilst I am not a hoarder, I do collect interesting objects almost daily which I then use to photograph still life of or use as props in commercial shoots. Perhaps this is because I come from an Eastern European migrant family where I was raised to look after objects and treat them with respect. Growing up, we fixed, repaired, revered and loved our things rather than disposed of, and replaced only when we needed to. Whilst I think that my family's reasons were mainly financial, for me it's been about respecting the planet's resources. After all, that ugly table was once a beautiful tree, that cheap plastic bucket was once fossil fuel.

From this philosophy, part of which originated in my family of origin, I have a love of old wares, particularly ceramics, and this series is all about those discarded treasures. They have been paired up with other abandoned things: nature's detritus found on the street and in the bush, fabric remnants, rocks, pebbles, hard rubbish and the many things that people throw away. These items have been placed into a studio setting and lit dramatically, creating artistic still life visuals reminiscent of a corner in a painter's atelier serving only to inspire, and simply be.

(Styling by Madeline McFarlane and Tanya Zouev)