Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

Tanya Zouev Photography takes the current COVID-19 situation very seriously and have implemented the following action plan to ensure the safety of all in-person interactions in our photography studio or on location.

Wellbeing of Attendees

We ask that all shoot attendees only attend if they are feeling well and do not have any respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone experiencing such symptoms. We also discourage people who are from an area of high COVID-19 transmission or who are in a COVID-19 high risk health category from attending in person.

Should we notice an attendee with these symptoms, we reserve the right to ask you to not attend any longer and encourage them to see their GP or attend a local COVID clinic.

Any client stakeholder experiencing symptoms that must still participate in a shoot may be able to dial in via video conference for portions of the day from an isolated environment, such as their home if it is arranged prior to the shoot.


Social Distancing

We ask that clients limit their attending representatives to essential stakeholders only and to comply with a limit of one attendee per 4 square metres of studio or location space. Should you require multiple stakeholders to attend, please discuss this with us prior to make suitable arrangements such as staggered attendance or other such mitigation strategies.

Where reasonably practical, we ask that everyone maintain 1.5 metres physical distancing at all times (including at meal breaks).

It may be possible for us to provide video conferencing of stakeholders to observe the shoot. Please speak to our team prior to the day of the shoot to see if this is possible.

Should we notice this not being observed, we reserve the right to pause the shoot and remind those present of this important safety measure to ensure the protection of everyone.

Hygiene and Cleaning

Our studio is cleaned and disinfected prior to and after each shoot.

We ask that all attendees sanitise and wash their hands upon arrival using the products provided and strongly encourage everyone to wear masks for the duration of the shoot.

Records of Contact Details

We ask that our clients’ primary point of contact with us obtain the contact details of all of their stakeholders to allow for quick communication between both parties should an attendee be notified that they may have been unknowingly infectious during a shoot.

Should any of our staff or suppliers inform us of a possible infection, we will contact all relevant clients to alert them immediately so that they can take the appropriate measures as quickly as possible.