A series of still life images inspired by the Pop Art movement of the 1950’s and 60’s, brought into the present day with modern digital photography techniques.

When I was in art school in the early 90’s I studied Andy Warhol with great interest, finding his multi coloured collages of celebrities and mundane objects such as soup cans most fascinating. I’ve always loved highly saturated colour photography as well as hard contrast levels and I wanted to utilise these techniques in a minimalist series about everybody’s junk food faves.

Junk food has been a part of most people’s childhoods and continues to play a part in their adult lives, inciting a feeling of nostalgia and glee (and at times guilt!). I know from my own personal experience that a hot chip, neenish tart or strawberry donut take me straight back to my primary school years and to the many birthday parties I attended as a child in the 1970’s. An era where sweets and cake were eaten with reckless abandon without the present day sugar-and-wheat police that patrol daily in the media and at home. (I might add that I am a mother who does in fact monitor my child’s junk food intake, however I do believe in a healthy balance of healthy food and “fun” food, because sugar is an inevitable part of a western child’s diet. Unless of course you never allow them to attend a birthday party, the Royal Easter Show or other mandatory childhood events.)

After researching the most popular junk food items both in Australia and abroad I worked in collaboration with pastry chef Jun Chen who created the food featured in these images. I styled and photographed the series using artificial lighting to emulate hard sunlight, along with macro focus stacking up to one hundred frames in some of the finished examples.

Photographed on a Phase One IQ260 digital camera back, post processing in Capture One Pro and Photoshop.

Prints available for sale in my online photographic art shop here.

Fairy Bread

Very Nice Cream

Leaning Tower of Donuts

It’ Dem Donuts 2

The Cherry’s On Top

Super Gumball Machine

Pink Pop Cupcake

Fries A Lot


It’s Dem Donuts 1

It Takes All Sorts

D’oh Nut

Da Sherbert Bomb

Acid Pop Cupcake

Neenish As Anything

Alice’s Birthday Cake