• Over twenty years professional photography experience and a Fine Arts Photography degree from R.M.I.T.
  • Food advertising, beverage advertising, lifestyle, people, homewares, product photography for advertising clients and also restaurants, caterers, food service and manufacturers.
  • Proven and superb commercial digital advertising photography to showcase your product and increase sales.
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About advertising photography

What is advertising photography?

The purpose of advertising photography is to describe and sell a product or idea. Advertising photographs are typically accompanied by a short strap-line to reinforce the meaning of the advertising or brand message that the photographer has been commissioned to portray in their image.

Advertising photography has played a pivotal role in the advertising industry as the old saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words and an advertising photograph on a billboard that only has approximately 2 seconds to capture the attention of the audience is far more effective in photographic form than words.

What do top advertising photographers do?

Advertising Photographers produce advertising photographs for inclusion in either local domestic or national advertising campaigns. Famous advertising Photographers create compelling and inspiring images in response to a creative or photographic brief typically from a client, a designer or a marketing or advertising agency. Advertising photographers can specialise in a wide range of advertising subject matter such as still life, portraiture and landscape. Advertising photography is typically is carried out on location or in studios with lighting and a variety of props to enhance the subject matter. For more on commercial photography and advertising photographic art see photography on Wikipedia.

Best advertising photographers

There are many different opinions around who the best commercial photographers or advertising photographers are. Some of the many types of categories of professional advertising photographers include:

Beauty & Nudes
Food & Drink
Still Life

To find the best advertising photographer 2014 I suggest you Google the phrase “Sydney Advertising Photographer” and review the various results and make a decision for yourself.

Advertising Photography Sydney Quotes

As Tanya Zouev Advertising Photography Sydney, I choose to be self-employed and can operate on location or from my own Sydney photography studio. I am usually commissioned directly by  a client or via an advertising agency. Please contact me for an advertising photography Sydney quote.