Experienced Photographer Sydney, 30yrs Commercial Experience

Experienced Professional Photographer

Experienced photographer Sydney. Tanya has decades of experience specialising in food & drink, styled product advertising photography, interiors, beauty and people and lifestyle.

Expert Photographers are Experienced Photographers

Technical ability is an important component in any photography shoot, however with multiple elements all needing to come together to make the clients project product exceptional results for them, experience is needed in make sure both the subject matter and the shoot itself run professionally, smoothly and to time and budget.

Our Food Photography Experience

Food requires time and experience to be perfected. Each subject matter has unique qualities including texture, temperature, reflection, and many other elements that require an experienced photographer who has worked with them all before. Tanya’s decades of both cooking and working with experienced food stylists have taught her the expert techniques needed to become a top experienced food photographer in Sydney. View Tanya’s professional food photography gallery.

Professional Drink Photography Experience

Drink photographers must have experience shooting reflective surfaces at different temperatures with the correct lighting, props and garnishes and more. Tanya’s experience and many hours put into learning specific frosting, back-lighting and splash techniques have given her the insight needed to be considered a highly experienced Sydney drink photographer. View Tanya’s professional drink photography gallery.

Experienced Product Photographer

An experienced product photographer understand the clients brief from the outset. Each product has specific branding and campaign goals that must be conveyed in each shoot. Clients required an experienced photographer to work with to ensure that their brand is properly represented and portrayed using the latest photography techniques and is also on trend and in line with the brand guidelines. Tanya offers premium styled photography shots that make products sell. View Tanya’s professional product photography gallery.

Best Experienced Photographer Sydney

For styled food, drink, product and interior photography including people & lifestyle images, Tanya is a highly experienced photographer and the perfect choice to consider for your next professional photography shoot.