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Food photographer Sydney

Celebrating 20+ years of professional photography experience. Tanya is obsessed with two things: photography and food. Every day she is either researching food, sourcing food at organic markets, writing recipes, cooking food, tasting food at new restaurants – and when she is not doing that she is, of course, photographing food. Tanya’s deep passion for food is what goes into each and every one of her food photography productions and is what drives her to capture the true essence of the beautiful dishes that she has the opportunity to work with daily. Her passion with food is only matched with her lifelong obsession with photography. Starting out at just 16 years of age, Tanya’s high school teachers always knew where to find her when she was late for or absent from class – the school darkroom. After leaving school Tanya immediately went to work as an assistant with some of Melbourne’s top photographers while simultaneously completing a Fine Arts photography degree at Melbourne’s renowned RMIT university. Driven by her love of photography, strong work ethic and entrepreneurial nature Tanya had purchased and opened her first photography studio in 1994 in Melbourne’s Caulfield at the young age of just 23 and received multiple awards from the AIPP as well her Master of Photography by age 30. Fast forward to today and Tanya has refined her skills to become one of the most passionate, dedicated and experienced specialist food photographers in Sydney and Australia. As a commercial food photographer and FMCG photographer, Tanya works with top Sydney food stylists and props stylists and offers advertising photography shoot production management services.

Sydney beverage photographer specialising in drink photography

Tanya’s styled drinks photography and beverage photography creates a story and brings forth a brand’s true essence. As a beverage photographer, Tanya with top Sydney beverage stylists and offers beverage and drink photography shoot production management services.

Advertising photographer Sydney

Tanya is an accomplished Australian advertising photographer, specialising in styled illustrative campaign product photography, FMCG photography and as a food advertising photographer. More about Tanya’s product and commercial advertising photographer work.

Commercial photography and product photography Sydney

Tanya is a unique Sydney product photographer who generates styled illustrative campaign product photography scenes to bring products to life in a rich creative context. See product and commercial advertising photography.

Lifestyle photographer and people photography

Tanya is an experienced people and lifestyle photographer for advertising campaign photography.

Residential interior photographer and commercial interior photography Sydney

Tanya brings interiors to life in her unique editorial interior photography style. Read more about her residential interior photography, architectural photography and commercial fit out & retail fit out photography here.