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Professional Photographer Sydney

Tanya is one of the top professional photographers in Sydney. As an experienced photographer of 30 years, she has won many awards for her work. Her focus is to thoroughly understand each clients marketing objectives and deliver images that measurably increase brand profile and sales.

Food Photographer Sydney

Food photographer Sydney - Tanya is obsessed with two things: photography and food. Every day she is either researching food, sourcing food at organic markets, writing recipes, cooking food, tasting food at new restaurants – and when she is not doing that she is, of course, photographing food. A deep passion for food is what goes into each of her food photography productions and drives her to capture the true essence of each beautiful dishes in her clients food photos. This passion for food is only matched with her lifelong obsession with photography. As a top commercial food photographer Sydney and FMCG photographer, she works with top food stylists and props stylists and offers advertising photography shoot production management services. She has an extensive food photography portfolio.

Australian Food Photographer

Top Australian food photographers understand that each photo shoot shot is unique depending on the product, the brand and the purpose of the image. Each food photograph will stir emotions, tell a story and achieve a mouthful watering reaction. When eating we use all five senses, but when seeing food images we only use sight. One of the challenges of professional food photography is to communicate feelings and emotions with an image. Tanya is one of the best food photographers at making food and products look original, delicious and desirable, but also at communicating feelings, awaken food memories and making people hungry.

Food Product Photographer

It is crucial to know the purpose of each food product photography shoot. If it is a portfolio piece, an image to promote a product, or if the goal is to deliver an experience around the food. The type of medium will also define some technical aspects, such as the composition, lighting and prop styling, and the people who will be observing the images. That is why Tanya likes to work hand in hand with the client to understand their vision and fulfil it with eye-catching professional food pictures that captivate the target audience.

View her FMCG and grocery product photography gallery.

How to shoot food photography?

There is usually a short window to capture the perfect shot in food advertising photography shoots. Certain types of food are typically fragile. Other FMCG or meal products or ingredients do not tend to retain their appearance for a long time as they may change colour (meat photography), melt (icecream photography) or wilt (salad photography). Styled food photography has more control of the appearance and thus achieve the perfect shot. Tanya plans each shoot and works closely with the best Sydney commercial food stylists who know the relevant techniques.

Photographing food techniques

Australian food photography has evolved in techniques, approach to the product, the type of angles, and the conveyed mood. The top 10 food photographers and famous food photographers typically capture as simple, natural and fresh. Using selective focus helps to tell the story, emphasise a particular part of the subject or create a mood. With macro close-up food images products can look bigger and better. In general, the focus should be on the more marketable product feature. Knowing the latest trends and food photography techniques to grab the viewer's attention, seduce them, make food look exciting and delicious makes great photography. Tanya identifies what is best for the product and accentuates the details, colours, textures or ingredients to achieve interesting and intriguing images.

As an experienced photographer, Tanya makes sure that all the visuals are complementary and balanced and decides the types of angles, composition, and direction of lighting. Food photography lighting is often the essential variable that the photographer can control and Tanya has learned the best way to photograph food. She is an expert in identifying the best approach and setup according to the product in order to create a mood, highlight some details and make food look more appetising. In general, it is more effective to place the plate in front of the light source. This is especially effective for beverage photography and to bring images to life. She also likes to experiment with different angles and food photography composition to find which one offers the best effect depending on the product.

Professional Food Photographer

Backgrounds help to highlight the features and beauty of professional food photography. Clean backgrounds with colours that contrast with the food make it the hero of the image. Few props are used to avoid distractions. An experienced professional photographer like Tanya has a creative eye and her sense of style are perfect for following the brief.  Products can be rotated and ingredient elements rearranged quickly and easily to achieve a balance and create beautiful commercial food photography.

Drink photographer Sydney

The top 10 drink photographers understand that we use all the senses when drinking, but with drinks photography, we only use the eyes to observe. It is essential to satisfy the senses through drink images.

Each beverage client is worked with to understand the drink branding message and professional drink product photography marketing objectives. Tanya showcases the drink brand's true essence by first understanding the drink product, drink image purpose, drink target audience and where the drink photographs will be published.  As a professional Sydney drink photographer, she aims to be the best drinks photographer that she can and be one of the top 10 drink photographers in Sydney. Her services include full photography shoot production management services and professional drink stylist sourcing.

Beverage Photography

In beverage photography, the details, textures, and composition make all the difference. Depending on the beverage product photography and brand intentions, Tanya relies on other objects, colours and lights to create atmosphere. Beverage photography props must be carefully selected so that they add something to the beverage advertising photography story being told.

Alcohol Photography

In times of social media and digital marketing, professional alcohol photographers bring added value to a brand's alcoholic drink photography. Top wine photographers, beer photographers and spirits photographers can create alcohol product photography that convinces the viewer to buy. Patience, angle precision and a great understanding of lighting are needed with wine, beer and RTD product photographs. Tanya's years of experience in bottle photography, bottle lighting and alcohol drink stylist experience have given her a creative eye to capture the perfect image.

Coffee Photographer

Tanya is a specialist coffee photographer and cafe beverage and equipment photography professional. View her coffee photography and cafe product photography gallery here.

How to photograph drinks?

One of the challenges is how to photograph cold drinks. Because of the drink's temperature, the photographer only has a few moments to take the perfect shot. Also, most drinks are transparent, so the photographer must find a way to make the colours stand out. In general, for this type of photography, light needs to pass through the liquid to achieve depth and emphasis on detail.

But hot beverages are just as challenging. With coffee photography, for example, photographers must somehow communicate the temperature and ingredients of the drink. Supported by stylists and their techniques, Tanya manages to tell a story through a cup of coffee, its texture and steam.

How to light drinks photography?

And it is when these challenges appear that Tanya's experience is essential. As a specialist drink photographer in Sydney, she uses intricate beverage photography techniques and beverage photography lighting to ensure that the photographs are exactly on brief and on-brand to the most minute details. When applying drinks techniques and styling drinks for photography, she manages to have more control over the appearance of the drinks and thus have more time to take the picture.

Being an experienced Sydney drinks photographer requires having a good understanding of composition and angles, moving things to the right place, and changing the drink photography lighting and approach when needed. Tanya is commissioned for professional beverage photography by beverage advertising agencies, beverage P.R. agencies, food and beverage brand and marketing managers, beverage publishers, restaurants, caterers and beverage producers in Sydney and internationally.

Commercial and advertising photographer Sydney

Commercial and advertising photography is a valuable support in the visual strategy of companies as it is the best way to communicate with customers, make a positive impression and offer a visual experience. The Sydney commercial photographer chosen by the agency is of vital importance since the images will help to create a reputation and increase brand and consumer awareness. Still, they must also be aligned with the philosophy, brand personality and identity.

For this reason, Tanya likes to collaborate with clients to understand how they want to be perceived by the audience, the message and purpose of the shoot. And also by knowing the qualities of the brand, she produces commercial photography images that make people connect more authentically to the brand and its ideas. With her photographs, people get to know the brand, the products they are buying and therefore build trust.

Also, it allows her to have a better understanding of how the photography will be used, the type of media and viewer. In addition to the peculiarities of the product, the target audience also determines the focus of photography, composition, prop styling and emotions to communicate. Often people's first approach to products are photographs, and what they feel from them will determine the evaluation they give to the product. They assess the quality of the visual presentation and connection they create with the brand, product, service or space, and at the time of purchase, they use intuition. From her images, as an experienced Sydney advertising photographer, Tanya gives them a visual experience that awakens emotions, generates curiosity and desire about the product, and finally helps and inspires them to make the purchase.

What is commercial photography?

By working closely with the client, Tanya can also understand their expectations, and thus when taking photographs, show their vision of the product. In commercial photography, the objective is to showcase a product or service, but each product is unique and the approach to it too. Due to her technical knowledge and her exceptional skills to compose images, she presents the products clearly and beautifully, always highlighting its function, design features, quality and beauty. By understanding what the client wants to sell and the creative brief, she defines the aspects to be represented, the best approach to make the product or lifestyle desirable and creates a narrative related to the product and audience. But beyond being technically precise, her innovative images sell with a unique point of view, connect with the audience, tell stories and stir emotions.

How to shoot advertising photography?

The type of media will define the advertising photography techniques needed and depending on the space, product or service, the story to tell and the style. Different types of advertising photography communicate different details about the product. And Tanya effectively achieves a balance between creativity and information to create high-impact commercial photography, regardless if it is restaurant photography, fashion accessories photography, furniture photography or lifestyle photography. When people observe her images, they can feel how the product feels, imagine smells and sounds and that they can visualise themselves in that space, consuming that product or with that lifestyle.

Tanya is an accomplished Australian advertising photographer, specialising in styled illustrative campaign product photography, FMCG photography and as a commercial photographer. See Tanya’s advertising photography examples and commercial photography examples and learn more about her commercial and advertising photographer work.

Product photography Sydney

It has been said that people often remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. So the importance and power of images. Commercial product photography is a valuable strategy for companies because they can also bring their brand to life and express their personality, they can create awareness and connect with the audience in a more emotional way. In the creative process, Tanya likes to work closely with the client and Sydney's best props stylists, to create unique images with high impact that will help influence the purchase, in addition to creating brand trust and visibility.

To achieve product enhancement and create eye-catching images, Tanya considers that it is essential to know the specificities of the brand, the idea to be conveyed, the client's expectations and the target audience. By knowing the purpose of the image and the target audience, Tanya will choose the correct composition, prop styling, lighting and contrast range; and produce creative product photography that will be able to evoke emotions and influence the purchase more effectively. Typically, images are the only interaction the customer has with a product before buying it; hence the importance of knowing the medium where the image will be published and who will be observing it.

The quality of the visual presentation makes a big difference because, in addition to representing the brand, this helps to create positive perceived value ​​and trustworthiness of the brand. So, choosing Tanya as your still life photographer adds massive value to your business. She is an expert in telling stories with her images and can adapt to the brief and the needs of the client to develop a visual style that is consistent with the brand, the values and the message to communicate. With her creativity, technical knowledge and precision when executing, she succeeds in conveying concepts and evoking feelings with her images.

What is product photography?

The goal of product photography is to showcase the product, make it look as appealing as possible and communicate why the product is needed and how to use it. But sometimes it may be challenging to show a third-dimensional object in a two-dimensional photograph, and at the same time reveal the size, shape, materials and colours. And Tanya knows the best product photography tips and tricks to display the main features of the product and achieve that balance between being informative and creative.

Her years of experience and knowledge with furniture photography and bedding photography, have given her the ability to select the right strategy for each product since different styles communicate a wide variety of different information about the product. With proper planning and working hand in hand with the client, she custom designs each shoot and defines the best approach that best showcases the product.

How to shoot product photography?

The type of product and the purpose of the image also help to define the composition, angles and lighting techniques. Product photography lighting is crucial in this type of and there are different ways of approaching the product. Depending on the surfaces, shape and material of the product, Tanya can choose the perfect lighting that helps reveal critical information that will help customers make a decision. As for the angles, Tanya likes to explore different alternatives to achieve diversified images and find the angle that is most flattering and efficient for that specific product, always taking care not to distort its shape.

In product photography, the focal point should be easily identified by the viewer. The more elements there are in the image, the more distraction there is. So less is usually better. All the components in the image should help to highlight the product. In beauty product photography or cosmetics photography, models may be included to show how to use the product and also to add personality and humanise the object. In general, models tend to reflect the target audience. If props are incorporated, colour, size, material and shape should be considered. These should only be included if they help accentuate key features or help convince potential customers of the quality.

Depending on the product or if it is recipe photography, Tanya may seek to create a sense of motion, deconstruct the product, or display textures and materials. The important thing is to show details and focus on the key features. On other occasions, the best alternative is to take a group photo to show the buyer the options, different styles, colours, and shapes. But this type of photography also has many challenges. For kitchenware photography or cookware photography, Tanya knows how to find the best lighting to avoid unwanted reflections on the curvy reflective surface. As for metal and glass products such as glassware, she knows how to create the right reflections on the surfaces of the products and minimise the distracting ones. Hence the importance of hiring an experienced Sydney product photographer who knows how to photograph products.

Tanya is a unique Sydney product photographer who generates styled illustrative campaign product photography scenes to bring products to life in a rich creative context. See commercial product photography.

Cosmetics photography Sydney

In her long career, Tanya has known unique places, people and products and has successfully told stories through beautiful photographs. She has been able to connect better with her passions but also discover new ones, like beauty product photography, For Tanya, beauty photography is an art, an excellent opportunity to find beauty and produce unique and captivating images. So she has a particular interest in collaborating with cosmetic and beauty brands and in creating the highest quality images that not only communicate concepts and stories but evoke feelings at the same time.

Thanks to her years of experience, her technical knowledge and precision of execution Tanya can create clean, high-quality professional photos that highlight the product's character and critical features. She understands the role of cosmetics photography in increasing brand and consumer awareness, that is why she works hand in hand with the client to understand the requirements and introduce their vision of the product into the shoot and the final art.

Beauty Product Photography

After having a better understanding of the brand, the product, and the target audience, she kicks off her ability to think creatively to produce imaginative concepts and find the best way to illustrate it through eye-catching beauty and makeup product photos. To achieve stylish product images of high-end luxury makeup products, Tanya focuses on the use of colour, different lighting techniques, and different angles and perspectives. Every detail of the shoot has been planned to make the products look flawless and set themselves apart from the competition.

We are in an age where people trust images and often screen shot them to decide their purchases. That is why companies want their product photographs to be able to sell straight off the page. But it takes more than making the products look good. Professional product photography must tell a story, must communicate why people need the product and how it should be used. They should inspire and inform. And this is where Tanya's experience and critical eye make the difference. With her knowledge of cosmetic photography tips and techniques, she empowers the product to give it presence and desirability and thus add value that will differentiate it in a competitive market.

About beauty and cosmetics photography

The purpose of makeup product photography is to showcase the product, capture its essence and emphasise its beauty. Depending on the product and the message, Tanya will explore different techniques and approaches to the product. Sometimes she will focus on the highlights and shadows to add depth; she may create a sense of motion or to take photos with the product in action; or the focal point may be the textures, so the product looks as appealing as possible.

There must be consistency between the colour palette, the style of lighting and shadows and contrast. Tanya understands that colour plays a vital role in image perception and can help accentuate the most critical elements. Therefore, she is very thoughtful when selecting the colour palette since it defines the overall mood and style of the photograph. Beauty and makeup photography lighting can be a challenge because most of the products have high-shine and glossy small details and features. So Tanya likes to explore different angles and lighting techniques. Knowing the methods gives an advantage, but having years of experience and a critical eye is fundamental to overcome this challenge.

Beauty product photography ideas

Props are just as relevant, and all the elements in beauty photography must match each other. These props can accentuate key benefits and features, help people understand how the product is used, or convey its quality. Accessories can help to tell the story, but they should always be there to highlight and help sell the product, but they should never steal its spotlight. In some cases, she will recommend including a model in the shoot to show how the product is used.

When selecting a background for commercial beauty photography or skincare product photography, it should go well with the product and help to communicate the composition's message. Monochromatic tones generally work best. Neutral tones and light shades help bring the product into focus. In some cases, Tanya will consider using colourful and vibrant backgrounds to enhance the product, but always keeping in mind that the product's attention should not be taken. As a Sydney makeup photographer, when selecting a location, Tanya usually recommends places that are connected to the product and where they are commonly used. Read more about product, cosmetics and beauty photography.

Sydney product packaging photographer

Product packaging photography is the perfect opportunity for brands to communicate their personality and philosophy, as they contribute by creating brand awareness and inspiring the purchase. Furthermore, product photography helps to generate a positive impression on your audience as it makes the brand be perceived in a more authentic and accessible way and reflects the quality of the product and its character. But above all, it can convey emotions, which are essential when buying because people usually evaluate products according to how it makes them feel. One of the parameters to judge the products is often the visuals and the quality of the photography.

Through visuals, brands build their brand imagery. Beyond that, they are the way that brands can portray emotions and visually connect with the customer. Plus, it's the best way to express who they are, what the brand stands for, and build a reputation. And commercial product photography is one of the key visual elements to build brand imagery, generate customer loyalty and establish an emotional bond. For this reason, it is essential that when looking for a Sydney product photographer, they are someone who has the experience and can help you create beautiful and high-quality images that help sell products. And because of her knowledge of product photography tips and tricks and years of experience working for packaging advertising agencies for a range of product and packaging clients, Tanya is your best choice.

How to do product photography?

Tanya enjoys working hand in hand with the client, and that is why creative directors and clients are always welcome at shoots to supervise the work. She is very invested in the planning stage and in having a good understanding of the peculiarities of the brand, the product and the target audience. By collaborating with the client, she can also understand what the client's objective is, how the image will be used and what is the message. Besides, this helps her define the best way to tell the story regarding the angles, composition and lighting of the image. Tanya knows how to photograph products and uses the best packaging photography techniques that not only make your product stand out but captures its essence and communicates its attributes in the best way.

Product photography techniques

Being an experienced product photographer, Tanya understands that lighting is crucial and knows which is the best professional product photography lighting to use according to the material of the packaging subject.

The use of props for creative product photography usually depends on the brief and what the client seeks to accomplish. Used correctly, props enhance a photograph in a way that the main point of focus is on the product. Props should always be used to give the product more appeal to the and showcase its key features in a supporting role.

According to the brief, when defining the layout and the product photography setup, she will reserve a space for copy and other graphics in the artwork. With the composition, the type of angle and the chosen background she will create the overall mood of the image; always making sure that all the elements match in style and thus create balance.

In the end, the important thing is to tell the story of the product, showcase its key benefits, communicate why people need the product and, if so, take the product into context, so they know how to use it. And to achieve this, Tanya custom designs each shoot to produce unique and compelling packaging photography for clients and thus maximise value for them.

Interior photographer Sydney

Tanya brings interiors to life in her unique editorial interior photography style. Residential interior photography, architectural photography and commercial fit-out & retail fit-out photography can make a significant difference for your business. High-quality, professional interior architectural photography can influence the way a building or space is perceived and appreciated because it adds value and will make your company distinguish itself in the market.

Architectural Photography

For architects and designers, it is a form of documentation of their projects and a source of inspiration for future work. Besides, it is a more intimate and artistic way of presenting their buildings, spaces and designs. Architectural photographers find the  perfect way to express their clients intentions, feelings and interpretation of a building so that each architecture photo tells a rich story.

Residential Interiors Photographer

Residential photography requires an emotional connection being formed with the target audience. The best residential interior photographer in Sydney experience and ability to take the viewer on a journey through aesthetically pleasing and memorable images. Both colour and black and white photography techniques need to be carefully selected to highlight the specific interior photography highlights that sell property. Tanya's experience with commercial interiors and working closely with property stylists makes her one of the top Sydney property photographers.

Commercial Interior Photography

Through collaborative work with the client, Tanya has a better understanding of the personality and essence of the space and how people interact with it. In doing this, she can capture the beauty and purpose of the place and create unique and eye-catching landscaping photography, garden photography or public space photography.

For these type of images, several factors must be considered, including rigorous planning to achieve efficient execution. The composition is essential, as are lighting and angles. Whenever possible, she likes to explore the space to find interesting angles and see the possible compositions available. This is how she defines the overall mood of the photograph, the story to tell, and which elements to highlight.

How to shoot architectural photography and residential interior photography?

One of the challenges for an architectural fitting photographer or a residential photographer is the need to show spaces that exist in the third dimension, in a two-dimensional image because depth can be lost. For this reason, lighting is an essential aspect of this type of photography. Natural or artificial light can influence the mood, atmosphere and composition. Depending on the intention and the place, having control of the lights allows the photographer to communicate different emotions and feelings, emphasise on some details, bring out colour and detail and improve contrast. Tanya's years of experience allow her not only to have the perfect balance between style and colour but also to quickly identify what needs to be done to highlight certain elements and shapes to represent the character of the building or the room.

What is the difference between architecture photography, interior design photography and real estate photography?

In architectural photography, the aim is to represent buildings artistically and, through different aspects such as their structure, details, materials and geometry, to highlight their personality and character. By telling their story, as a Sydney building photographer, Tanya conveys their environment and atmosphere and shows the quality of the place. She considers the human element, which often helps to have a better understanding of the scale or to create spontaneous moments, the time of day when the photograph is taken and the light.

The goal of interior design photography is to display objects and their materials in one area. It is very focused on details; it usually stands out for its graphic composition and for showing inspiring designs with a natural feel. Due to her experience as a home interior photographer, Tanya succeeds in capturing the essence of the interior, creating life in the spaces and showing how they are used and often works closely with interior designers and interior stylists to best showcase a space.

Professional Property Photographer Sydney

Tanya understands what is needed in terms of interior photography lighting, colour temperature and composition. And also the elements that are part of the photography. So she is not afraid to move, remove or add objects, propose new ideas to tell the story and personality of the space, create a balance between colours and textures and thus achieve the perfect shot. All these architecture photography tips are considered when taking either accommodation photography, hotel photography, fit-out photography and industrial photography. The objective of real estate interior photography is to show the width of the area specifically for the sale of a property. She doesn't service this market.

Read more about her architectural photography, commercial fit-out & retail fit-out photography and residential interior photography here.

People and lifestyle photographer

Tanya is an experienced people and lifestyle photographer for advertising campaign photography. Lifestyle photography aims to show products in their natural environment or setting so that people understand how it is used and can visualise themselves owning the product. Commercial lifestyle photography creates emotions, inspires customers to buy the product or service. Through photographs, brands offer a visual experience. Beyond promoting a product, editorial photography sells an idea, a mood, an opportunity to improve people's lifestyle.

By collaborating with her clients and agencies in the creative process, Tanya can understand what the brand represents and the brand values. She creates high-quality lifestyle photos that are consistent with what the brand represents, with the message to communicate and the target audience in mind. Thus she achieves lifestyle pictures and people photography that adds value, and build brand trust and visibility.

Through her lens, Tanya tells stories that take the audience on a journey and that create a more valuable connection with customers. She is an expert on communicating the brand's personality and essence and what it stands for. People relate better to lifestyle images and people images that tell stories as they bring products to life. As a professional Sydney lifestyle photographer, Tanya makes people feel attracted to the environment and lifestyle making lifestyle products sell.

How to shoot lifestyle photography?

This depends on the type of lifestyle product and the purpose of the people photography. The product may be alone or it could be different combinations being accompanied by additional elements, such as models, actors or lifestyle photography props. When making these decisions, the aim is to give context to people so they understand how it can be used or consumed. As an experienced advertising lifestyle photographer, Tanya recognises that the approach is unique according to the product and the brand. Her goal is always to make the people photography and product look the best and to create creative and consistent images for the brand that adds value to those who observe them.

The location also depends on the product and the brand. The objective is that the product shines, that it is the right space to tell stories and that it is seen in the environment for which it was created. The focus on lifestyle product photography will always be the product. Still, the chosen location should also consider the target audience so that they can easily visualise themselves with the product and feel the desire of having the object or the lifestyle that is being portrayed.

Professional Lifestyle Photography

From her technical knowledge and her experience as a Sydney lifestyle product photographer, Tanya can recognise the most appropriate angles depending on the product and the ones that make it look best whilst taking into account its materials, textures and colours. Lifestyle photography lighting can be natural light, or carefully crafted artificial lighting. Tanya knows how to choose the best lighting approach, according to the image being created.

People Photographer Sydney

Models should reflect the target audience and allow people to connect better with the lifestyle depicted. Model photography is perfect for demonstrating how to use the product and why people need or want it. It also helps viewers to understand the scale of the product and create a sense of belonging. If props are used, they must be chosen according to the audience. All model accessories, colours and materials should help set the mood and support the context.

Editorial photographer Sydney

As an experienced Sydney editorial photographer, Tanya knows how to achieve balance with all the elements used for consistency with the brand and message. See more of her portrait and lifestyle photography.