About Tanya's Photography


Tanya Zouev is a professional Sydney photographer holding an R.M.I.T. Bachelor’s fine arts degree in photography and over 25 years commercial photography experience as an advertising photographer, food photographer, product photographer, portrait photographer, lifestyle photographer and interiors photographer.

Tanya owns a custom-built Sydney photography studio and commercial food photography prop collection.

Food photographer Sydney

Sydney food advertising photographer

Passionate about food, Tanya is one of the most experienced specialist Sydney food photographers in Australia. As a commercial food photographer and FMCG photographer, Tanya works with top Sydney food and props stylists and offers advertising photography shoot production management services.

Sydney beverage photographer specialising in drink photography

Tanya’s styled drinks photography and beverage photography creates a story and brings forth a brand’s true essence. As a beverage photographer, Tanya with top Sydney beverage stylists and offers beverage and drink photography shoot production management services.

Advertising photographer Sydney

Tanya is an accomplished Australian advertising photographer, specialising in ‘styled’ product photography, FMCG photography and as a food advertising photographer. More about Tanya’s product and commercial advertising photographer work.

Commercial photography and product photography

Tanya is a unique Sydney product photographer that generates illustrative styled scenes to bring products to life in a rich creative context. See product and commercial advertising photography.

People, lifestyle and portrait photographer

Discover Tanya’s people, portrait and lifestyle photographer experience in Sydney Australia.

Interior photographer Sydney

Tanya brings interiors to life in her unique reportage interior photography style. Read more about her residential photography and commercial interiors photography work in Sydney.