Gallery : Personal Work – Cloudscapes

I shot my first landscape whilst I was still at photography college in the early nineties and some years back I resumed going out into the field as a meditative practice and to further my skill in exposing for large scenes. Whilst sitting in a large plain in Western Australia surrounded by not much other than flat land, scrub and the odd tree, I turned my lens to the sky and started photographing the amazing cloud formations taking place overhead.

I realised that sometimes, if the landscape isn't particularly inspiring, look up and you never know what you'll see. For there is a reason why artists and poets such as Percy Bysshe Shelley have described clouds as "the daughter of earth and water, the nursling of the sky". Clouds form a world and landscape of their own, and it is to this world I often turn my lens and let my imagination run over with what it can see.

All of these images are available to purchase as limited edition prints. Please contact for details of sizes and cost.