Terms / Conditions & FAQ’s for commissioning a shoot with Tanya Zouev Photography.

Working relationships benefit from getting to know one another, so in order to enjoy a smooth collaboration, here are some important terms and conditions outlined below.

All projects or services that Tanya Zouev Photography & Production are contracted to produce or provide for you will be subject to the following:


The quotes (day rates, fees and associated costs) sent to you are our best estimates given the information provided by you at the enquiry stage. The more detailed the brief, the more accurate your quote will be. If additional information is forthcoming, the specifications change, or the scheduled content changes, the quote may change. Quotes are valid for 14 days from date they are provided.

Project Revisions, Alterations & Modifications

New work requested by you, and provided by us after a project quote has been approved is considered a revision, alteration or modification and will be charged on a time and materials basis. All briefs are also subject to consultation with the stylist to ensure the desired shot list is achievable and realistic prior to acceptance of the commission. Additional image requests on shoot days will be accommodated only if time allows and at our discretion. If the shot schedule does not allow for extra content requests, you will be given the option of increasing the shoot duration by way of overtime (an additional hourly rate for photography team members, including stylists and assistants).

Image Correction, Adjustments, Errors & Omissions

The vast majority of the work provided by us is shot whilst tethered with a client present, giving you ample opportunity to view, approve and sign off images as they are photographed. Post-shoot, the raw files are processed in Capture One Pro and fine tuning is applied to overall colour and tonality. A great deal of time and effort is put into this process to ensure the high resolution files (TIFF or JPEG) are of an extremely high standard. Electronic proofs are provided to you within 72 hours of the shoot for sign off and approval and you must carefully proof all images. We are not liable for image corrections, adjustments, errors or omissions once a project proof sheet has been signed off. If further work is required after the sign-off stage, a post production fee will be charged to cover this time.

Project Schedule

A project schedule will be established and adhered to by both you and us and it is particularly important to provide a brief well ahead of a scheduled shoot date. Where you do not adhere to a project schedule, final delivery dates will be adjusted accordingly.

Payment Terms

To secure the booking for your photography project a 50% deposit payment of the total quote amount is required. The final payment of 50% is due on completion for the supply of final imagery. High resolution files will not be provided without payment in full.

Any revisions, alternation and modifications that add work to the project scope in the original agreed quote will be invoiced separately and require payment before we commence work.


All photography end use is discussed and agreed to prior to a shoot date, as these vary from client to client, and from territory to territory. Unless a prior arrangement for a complete image buyout has been agreed upon in writing, Tanya Zouev Photography retains copyright and all moral rights in each image produced and retains ownership of all original captures and processed files supplied, including digitally altered compositions.

Our Use Of Final & Finished Imagery

We shall retain the right to any finished and final imagery in our promotional and marketing activities, including participation in photographic competitions, use in photographic publications and electronic, printed or other portfolio use.


General FAQ’s About Shoots & Production

Why does photography cost what it does?

Photographers charge on a sliding scale in accordance with how much experience they have. Junior photographers and those starting out are cheap, however they also have little to no experience with dealing with clients, problem solving on the job and overall management of professional photographic productions. Experienced senior photographers such as Tanya Zouev Photography have literally decades of experience across a huge range of clientele and shoots. This combined with ongoing education and training (particularly in the areas of artificial lighting, capture software and retouching) ensures skills and style remain progressive and fresh. There are large financial investments placed into purchasing high end photographic and computer equipment and ongoing studio and insurance overheads. All this ensures you are hiring a photographic service you can trust to interpret a brief with professional expertise and finesse.

Why do you limit the amount of photographs shot on the day?

We quote a number of shots that we can comfortably achieve in a shoot day without compromising quality.

Are all shoots done in a studio or can they be done on site?

Shoots can take place in our custom-built studio, on site or on location.

Can I take the raw files and do my own editing/post production?

The provision of post-production is to ensure that all images are of the highest exacting standard and is also part of the creative process and service that we provide, and as a result of this, raw files will not be provided.

Do I need to pay for retouching?

We provide colour and tonally graded TIFF and JPEG files for consistency and quality, and give each image a quick spot to remove any particularly obvious dust. Any retouching outside of this will be quoted on a per-file basis. We provide medium and high level retouching as well as digital compositing services.

Can I do my own styling?

A stylist can either make or break a shoot. To achieve the high standard of imagery you see on this website, you need a stylist who is trained in styling product specifically for photography. An experienced stylist’s skills include the ability to source props and build sets that work in best with your product. They have an eye for detail which ensures a polished end result, and they offer the expertise to ensure your brief is interpreted accurately. The result is a stunning image that draws the viewer in, creating a relationship that leads to positive purchasing decisions for you. For these reasons we only work with professional, experienced photographic stylists.

Can I use my own chef/can I do my own food prep?

Whilst your chef may be able cook some amazing food for your guests, cooking for the camera is completely different. Unless experienced with cooking food for shoots, chefs are accustomed to plating up from one angle only. The camera sees food from many different angles and it needs to be plated up accordingly. Many foods behave in unexpected ways under the camera creating issues for inexperienced stylists. For example, meat often takes on a bluish hue and needs to be cooked a certain way to compensate for this. Many vegetables need to be undercooked and handled in a specific manner in order to keep their colour and hold their shape. An experienced food stylist will know how to do this. Exceptions to this are where a chef has plenty of experience in working on food photography shoots.

Can I do my own propping? Can I source my own props? Can I use my own props?

Propping and shoot prep is best left to the stylist. They will know how to source specific items and backgrounds that will work best together to make your product and resulting images amazing. If you have your heart set on using a particular prop in your shoot, you are welcome to discuss this with the stylist beforehand.

Why do I need to pay the stylist for propping and prep time?

A great deal of work and planning goes on behind the scenes prior to the shoot day in order to achieve a stunning outcome. Stylists visualise and plan shoots well in advance often making sketches and taking photographs, sourcing specific props and backgrounds, borrowing and purchasing garments, and then checking how all of these elements work together prior to the actual shoot.

Can I shop for my own ingredients (for food shoots)?

This is also best left to the stylist as they will hand select ingredients that are of a photographic standard. They will ensure that ingredients are blemish free, the right size and quantity that will be suitable for photography. This will also reduce the chance of additional retouching costs required to fix imperfect and damaged produce.

Do I need to pay for background hire?

Sometimes yes. Whilst we have a large collection of backgrounds in the studio that clients are welcome to utilise, often backgrounds need to be sourced specifically for your shoot. These, like any other prop need to be sourced, hired or made.

Why do I need to pay for return of props?

A stylist will ensure that items are returned safely without damage, sometimes with the assistance of a courier, other times they need to return items in person (as in the case of fragile items). This fee covers their time.


Have a question or need a quote?

If you have a query about any of the above information, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask. We look forward to working with you!