Terms/Conditions & FAQ’s

Terms / Conditions & FAQ’s for commissioning a shoot with Tanya Zouev Photography.

A working relationship benefits from getting to know one another, so in order to enjoy a smooth partnership, here are some important terms and conditions about our services outlined below.

All projects or services that Tanya Zouev Photography are contracted to produce or provide for you will be subject to the following:


We provide a bespoke photography service and regularly organise and refer the following suppliers: food stylists, props stylists, set builders, art/creative directors, producers, videographers, hair and makeup artists, location companies and rental studios.

We do not offer set packages instead preferring to quote each commission individually, thus we will require a written brief outlining what type of photography you need and the result that you are seeking by way of visual references (these can come from either our website or from Pinterest or similar sources). Creative services are subjective and highly interpretive so being really clear on the end result you are seeking will ensure that any work carried out will be on brand and on brief.

The quotes (day shoot rates, fees and associated costs and line items) sent to you are our best estimates given our extensive professional experience, and the information provided by you at the enquiry stage. The more detailed the brief, the more accurate your quote will be. Please ensure that your brief includes how many deliverables are required as post production is quoted as a separate line item to the shoot day.

Please take note that we cannot provide you with a quote without visual references and the approximate number of deliverables you require. 

If after we have quoted on a shoot, additional information is forthcoming about the project, the specifications change, or the scheduled content changes, the quote may change. Quotes are valid for 30 days from date they are provided.


We only offer full day shoots unless a half day is a continuation of a larger job. Our jobs are all quoted individually as each client has very different requirements, however as a rough guide, our services generally start at around $4000 ex GST for a full day shoot including a set number of deliverables.

Please note that this does not include your studio hire, stylist, props or backgrounds.

Project Revisions, Alterations & Modifications.

New work requested by you, and provided by us, after a project quote has been approved is considered a revision, alteration or modification and will be charged on a time and materials basis. Prior to acceptance of any commission, all briefs are subject to consultation with one of our preferred professional stylists to ensure the desired shot list is achievable and realistic.

Additional image requests on shoot days will be accommodated only if time allows and at our discretion. If the shot schedule does not allow for extra content requests, you will be given the option of increasing the shoot duration by way of overtime (an additional hourly rate for all photography team members, including stylists and assistants).


We only work with experienced crew members who understand the mechanical workings of a professional photography production. For this reason we only refer our clients to preferred suppliers that we have worked with in the past. This way we can ensure that the team involved is well experienced in providing the best results from each and every shoot.

For those clients who are new to working with professional photography teams, there is a specific process that all our preferred suppliers know and understand. A typical full day shoot is outlined below so that you can have an idea of what to expect.

1-Bump in and the first shot of the day.

The team's arrival at the agreed shoot time either at the studio or on location is called "bumping in" and involves the unpacking and set up of photographic equipment, props, wardrobe and hair/makeup stations. It is during this time, after unpacking props and laying out prop tables, that stylists will commence set builds and photographers and lighting techs will commence setting up lights and taking test captures in order to build the light. Keep in mind that the first shot of the day always takes the longest to complete due to bump in time and general settling into the shoot for the team. Please allow approximately two hours for bump in, set up and completion of the first shot.

2-How long further shots take to do.

After bump in, subsequent shots will be completed faster as props will have been unpacked and equipment already set up. How long each shot takes to complete however depends entirely on the subject matter and creative treatment. A simple image of a bottle for example may take 15 minutes to shoot whereas a more complex set build featuring large product such as furniture may take two hours or longer. Generally, a propped food or tabletop product setting will take roughly an hour to build, shoot test captures, include client feedback time and change requests, shoot the final captures and then break down the set in preparation for the next shot.

Please keep in mind that both the photographer and the stylist require time to create each shot to the standard of the images on this website. For example the photographer needs time to tweak or change lighting and camera settings, the stylist needs time to build the set, view test captures and make changes to props and product if necessary. As much as we would love to rush the process, unfortunately we are unable to without compromising quality and attention to detail.

3-Variations of hero shots and changing angles.

Many clients ask for portrait and landscape orientations of the same setting in order to give them cropping flexibility and maximise use across different platforms. This is never quite as simple as just changing the camera orientation and pointing the lens at the set. With each orientation change carefully composed sets will require time to tweak. For efficiency, we always plan eye level shots to be done sequentially before moving to any flat lay/overhead angles as lighting and camera settings always change between those angles. Changes to the set also need time to shoot test captures with the exception of direct product swap outs which can generally be done quickly if the size of the actual product doesn't change or require a completely different camera frame.

4-Lunchtime and breaks.

Experienced crews understand that time is of the essence and that time is money, however as we are also human, we do get tired. For this reason we stop and take a lunch break in the middle of the day, usually around 20 mins in length is enough. Please note that it is standard industry practice for the client to organise the crew's lunch on all full day shoots. We can either recommend excellent catering services, or alternatively Uber Eats delivery is fine also.

5-Bump out, breaking down the shoot.

After the last shot has been completed and signed off by the client, the team set about packing up the studio or location. This can be quite a lengthy process depending on how much equipment and props were required for the job, and both the photography and styling teams need to allow time for this. For this reason shoots will wrap up around hour seven of a standard eight hour shoot day to allow roughly 60-90 minutes for bumping out. Most rental studio bookings are around 9 hours duration and allow for bump in and bump out time. Most location home bookings however are 8 hours as standard including bump in/out unless overtime is arranged and paid for prior to the shoot.


All full day shoots are capped at eight hours, and half day shoots are capped at four hours. If your booking is a full day shoot and you require the team to stay longer than eight hours, you have the option to extend your shoot to a long day by way of an hourly overtime rate. If your booking is a half day shoot and runs overtime, you will be charged one hour overtime from hour four to five. If your half day shoot goes for more than five hours, you will be invoiced for a full day. Overtime is paid to the entire team including assistants.

Project Schedule & Schedule of Dependencies.

A project schedule will be established and adhered to by both you and us and it is particularly important to provide a brief to both photographer and stylist well ahead of a scheduled shoot date to ensure that the stylist has adequate time to source props, backgrounds and sets. Where you do not adhere to a project schedule, final delivery dates will be adjusted accordingly.

post production-Image Correction, Adjustments, Change Requests, Errors & Omissions.

The vast majority of work provided by us is shot to CaptureOne Pro whilst tethered to a computer with a client present, giving you ample opportunity to view, approve and sign off images as they are photographed. A great deal of time and effort is put into this process to ensure that the high resolution files (TIFF, JPEG or PSD) are of an extremely high standard. Electronic proofs are provided to you within five working days of the shoot for sign off and approval and you must carefully review all images. We are not liable for image corrections, adjustments, errors or omissions once a project proof sheet has been signed off. If further work is required after the sign-off stage, a post production fee will be charged to cover this time.

POST PRODUCTION-retouching services.

The majority of post production is done in house as most of our clients ask us to handle the shoot from capture through to retouching of selects. We are also happy for our clients to use their own retoucher if they prefer. If this is the case, we will prepare all high res files in CaptureOne Pro as colour corrected TIFFs and will send these directly to the retoucher. If we are retouching images in house, your files will be cleaned up of dust specks, distracting highlights and other minor flaws, colours will be matched up to product where necessary and tonal adjustments will be made. Each per-file cost includes three rounds of change requests. If further work is required after the third round of changes, a fee will be charged to cover this time.

Payment Terms.

All shoots over the value of $2000 ex GST are subject to a 50% deposit payment of the total quote amount to cover the cost of props hire and purchase and to secure the shoot date. The final payment of 50% is due on delivery and sign off of low resolution shoot proofs. High resolution files will not be provided without payment in full. Any revisions, alterations and modifications that add work to the project scope and deviate from the original agreed quote will be invoiced separately and in addition to the original fee.

Copyright & Usage.

All photography end use is discussed and agreed to prior to a shoot taking place as these vary from client to client, and from territory to territory. Standard usage terms is Australia and New Zealand use for an agreed time period (12 months, 24 months etc) across all major platforms. Unless a prior arrangement for a complete image buyout has been agreed upon in writing, Tanya Zouev Photography retains copyright and all moral rights to each image produced and retains ownership of all original raw files and processed files supplied, including digitally altered compositions.

Our Use Of Final & Finished Imagery.

We shall retain the right to any finished and final imagery in our promotional and marketing activities, including participation in photographic competitions, use in photographic publications and electronic, printed or other portfolio use.

General FAQ’s About Shoots & Production

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