Product Packaging Photographer

With over twenty years of professional experience of commercial product photography and product packaging photography and food packaging photography, Tanya’s clients select her because she:

  • Custom designs each shot to showcase a product’s essence represented in context of its packaging.
  • She has photographed for a range of product and packaging clients for their packaging advertising agencies.
  • Keeps strictly to brief yet is able to flexibly manage unexpected changes required on the day.
  • Works with Sydney’s most experienced packaging props and food stylists.
  • Provides expert package photography retouching from some of Sydney’s best photographic retouchers.
  • Welcomes creative directors and clients on-site to oversee all work.
  • Delivers on time and on budget maximising value for her clients.
, Photographer Sydney

Packaging photographer Sydney

Tanya has a wide variety of experience shooting different product types and adapts lighting and product photography techniques per subject matter using professional product photography lighting and the best product photography techniques in categories such as:

Product packaging photography

  • Jewellery Photography
  • Wine & Bottle Packaging Photography
  • Electronic Device Packaging Photography
  • Giftpack & Hamper Packaging Photography
  • Homewares Packaging Photography
  • Toy Packaging Photography
  • Beauty & Cosmetics Packaging Photography

Food packaging photography

  • Food Container Photography
  • Food Packaging Photography

FMCG supermarket photography

  • FMCG Packaging photography

Packaging photography styles

Simple White Background Product Pack Photography

Exceptional packaging photography deep etched on a clean white background provides a superb outcome for a wide range of brand product packages. While specialising in styled packaging photography, Tanya is an expert in capturing the finest detail of a product to perfectly fit in context of its packaging or of the package itself.

Creatively Styled Product Pack Photography

Tanya brings out the essence of a product through her creativity and knowing what sells. Constructing a visual context around your products, Tanya and her highly experienced stylists will create a setting that tells a story and beautifully representing your product and packaging photography.

About Tanya’s photography

Tanya’s captures the essence of a brand its packaging photography. Clients packaging products for photographers are sometimes quite complex and require photography packaging ideas to overcome the challenges at hand. That is why Tanya’s years of experience in Sydney are perfect to ensure stunning packaging photography results for her Sydney clients product packaging photography.

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