Gallery: Personal Work – Landscape Photographer

I shot my first landscape photograph at the age of 18. I remember sitting out in a farmer's paddock outside of Geelong Victoria on a dark stormy day and there had been a slight break in the rain. On the horizon I spotted a small tree, the only tree in the entire landscape. It was this little tree that inspired me to spend time in the field photographing nature and whilst there have been years where I have done very little of it, in the past five years I have returned regularly to landscape photography as a meditative practice and to further my skill in exposing for large scenes.

I tend to favour the darker side of landscape scenery. Whilst I love a bright and fresh vista, some of my best work seems to come out of the dark and moody moments of the day. I love a sunrise or sunset as much as the next landscape shooter, but I also love low light conditions and especially, storms and bad weather. I have sat on the shores of beaches, on the red earth of the outback and in jungles in Indonesia. Some of my greatest moments of joy have been in these places and in the middle of absolutely nowhere. At times accompanied by another landscape buff, other times alone, it is always an experience that leaves me feeling fulfilled and more appreciative of this incredible planet we live on.

All of these images are available to purchase as limited edition prints. Please contact me for details of sizes and cost.