Tanya has over twenty years professional experience as a commercial product photographer. Tanya’s clients select her because she:

  • Provides proven and superb commercial product photography to showcase a brand’s product range.
  • Has photographed for a range of businesses, advertising and P.R. agencies.
  • Shoot to brief whilst remaining flexible to changing needs.
  • Works with Sydney’s best props stylists, creating stunning sets and backgrounds.
  • Offers expert professional image retouching, working with some of Sydney’s best photographic retouchers.
  • Warmly welcomes clients on site and delivers outstanding results on time and strictly to budget.
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About product photography

Product photography Sydney

I have a wide variety of experience shooting different product types and adapt my lighting and product photography treatment per subject matter using professional product photography lighting and the best product photography techniques in categories such as:

  • Jewellery Photography
  • Floral Still Life Photography
  • Wine & Bottle Photography
  • FMCG Photography
  • Electronic Photography
  • Packshot Photography
  • Homewares Product Photography
  • Furniture Photography
  • Beauty & Cosmetics Product Photography

Find out more about product photography on Wikipedia or contact Tanya to discuss commercial product photography and her product photographer rates.

Choosing a product photography style

Simple Product Photography

High end product photography on a clean white background provides an exceptional outcome for a wide range of products across a variety of different media. White backgrounds, typically beautifully lit seamless perspex is perfect for advertising and e-commerce website product photography. Product photography on a white background highlights your product as the hero of the photography. Tanya knows all of the product photography tips and is an expert at using a wide range of product photography equipment such as a product photography light box to achieve the perfect outcome as a professional Sydney product photographer.

Styled Product Photography

From textured backgrounds to propping I can provide the perfect context to your products so that your consumers can see them in-situ of their purpose. My wide range of people, lifestyle and advertising photography experience complemented by styled product photography offering. Contact Tanya to discuss your brief and ideas to bring your product photography to life.