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People and Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photographer Sydney

Tanya is a professional portrait photographer with over twenty years of portrait photography experience.

People and Portrait Photography

Tanya’s portrait photography clients commission her for people photography because she:

  • Has worked extensively in portrait photography including photographing many celebrities and personalities.
  • Is able to truly showcase talent and capture the true essence of people and brands.
  • Has the breadth of experience to expect and capture split second facial expressions and one-off moments.
  • Delivers on brief whilst being flexible to changing circumstances on the day.

Professional Lifestyle Photographer Australia

Tanya also has:

  • Specialist skills in using natural daylight and professional lighting techniques.
  • Warmly engages with talent putting them at ease and to bring forth their true nature in the resulting photographs.

Lifestyle Photography for Advertising

Tanya has 30 years of professional photography experience working with clients directly and for advertising agencies with lifestyle photography shoots or people and portrait photography projects. Tanya always:

  • Delivers stunning results on time and strictly to budget.
  • Offers high-end image retouching services.

Please get in touch to discuss your photography project. We look forward to speaking with you.

People and lifestyle photographer Sydney

People and lifestyle photographer Sydney

Tanya is a people photographer based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She is available for commission on location across Sydney or in-studio. She finds that the best lifestyle photographers are creative lifestyle photographers. Being able to work with the people and settings on the day to work out how to take people images in the best possible manner is a skilled she has honed over many years. Contact Tanya for a people and lifestyle photography quote or if you have some questions about her work.