Tanya is a specialist commercial food photographer and beverage photographer in Sydney. She combines creativity and scene composition to create experiential food and beverage photographs.

With over 20 years professional photography experience and a Fine Arts Photography degree from R.M.I.T, she is deeply passionate about food and drink photography seeing it as both art and science.

In her spare time Tanya writes recipes, cooks, styles and photographs food for her food photography blog.

Tanya is commissioned for professional food photography by food advertising agencies, food P.R. agencies, food and beverage brand and marketing managers, food publishers, restaurants, caterers and food producers in Sydney and internationally.

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About food photography

Food photographer Sydney

Food advertising photographer

Tanya delivers stunning food advertising photography to many major food brands in Australia as seen in her food photography portfolio. Offering superb commercial food photography to showcase your food product and increase sales Tanya is a very popular food photographer in Sydney and is often booked well in advance.


Food photography studio hire Sydney

Tanya custom-built her own Sydney food photography studio with a commercial kitchen that includes large north facing windows delivering a flood of natural light. Tanya also offers a food styling prop collection as part of the photography studio hire.


Beverage advertising photographer

Commercial beverage photography is an art form that Tanya and her beverage stylists are adept in. As a specialist drink photographer in Sydney she uses intricate beverage photography techniques and beverage photography lighting to ensure that the photographs are exactly on brief to the most minute details. Tanya is booked by major beverage brands and in her spare time enjoys writing beverage recipes, styling them and photographing them on her beverage photography blog.


Food stylist Sydney

Tanya works with a team of top Sydney commercial food stylists that use advanced food styling techniques for food advertising. Tanya’s preferred food stylist is Janet Mitchell, one of Australia’s top food stylists. For examples of Janet Mitchell’s work please visit her website.


Food photography techniques

Tanya receives many enquiries about her food photography techniques and how to take food pictures. Unfortunately famous food photographers don’t have secrets and tricks, instead they have trained their eyes over years of experimenting with the various textures, elements, lights and properties of food and beverages. To get started Tanya recommends a searching for a local food photography course and developing your natural passion for food through cooking and experimenting and food blogging.

In time your skills will naturally develop into a career as a commercial food photographer with your own food photography techniques. To get started, find out more about food photography on Wikipedia.


Sydney food photography

Professional food photography

  • Over 20 years professional photography experience, fourteen years experience specialising in food photography.
  • Food and beverage photography for advertising, PR and publishing clients.
  • I don’t just take pictures of food, I love cooking it, reading about it and blogging about it.
  • Food photographer with an interest in food styling and recipe writing.