Coffee Photography Sydney, Professional Cafe & Coffee Photographer

Coffee Photographer

Coffee Photography Sydney

Tanya Zouev is a specialist coffee photographer and cafe beverage photographer in Sydney. She combines her own passion for coffee with her almost 30 years of drink photography experience to create stunning images that capture the essence and nuance of each blend.

Cafe Equipment Photographer

The perfect coffee requires fine craftsmanship in the coffee machine and cafe equipment that brews it. Tanya has experience in a range of coffee machine photography and cafe accessories photography.

Barista Photography

Tanya's people and lifestyle photography is a key ingredient in her ability to capture candid cafe photography shots that showcase the art of being a barista. Each shoot has the option of showcasing coffee products, cafe products and coffee either as a focused subject or in a styled cafe lifestyle setting.

Tea Photography

Tea photography and other cafe product photography are also subjects that Tanya is experienced in photographing. Any range of drink photography subject matter from clients in addition to coffee can also be shot with ease, such as of herbal and caffeinated teas as well as mixed cafe beverage products.

Best Coffee Photography

Tanya's best coffee photography results come from working with clients that are passionate about their coffee products. As a result, she is commissioned for professional coffee photography by:

  • cafe product advertising agencies,
  • beverage PR agencies,
  • drink brand managers,
  • beverage marketing managers,
  • coffee product publishers,
  • restaurants,
  • commercial caterers,
  • coffee manufacturers,
  • coffee producers

both in Sydney and internationally.

Drink Photography Cost

Please contact us with your coffee, tea or other drink photography requirements. We'll be happy to put together an estimate and discuss options for your beverage photography shoot to best meet your marketing and sales objectives.

Coffee Photographer

Tanya is available for coffee photography, tea photography and cafe photographic shoots in Sydney. Alternatively, coffee products can be sent to her studio for a remote shoot to be conducted. Please get in touch to discuss your drink photography shoot further.