Gallery : Personal Work – Wyndham Town Hotel

These images were photographed at the Wyndham Town Hotel, a once thriving riverside town up the top end of Australia that relied heavily on an abattoir and the port for employment. Once the meatworks were closed down in 1985, the town slowly went into decline and the population went down to around the 800 residents there today. I absolutely love the East Kimberly and I visited the town for the third time in early 2018 and took the opportunity to photograph the local pub and motel that had closed down the year prior.

These interior and exterior photographs capture the once vibrant and quintessential country town at the top end of Western Australia with its retro Australian decor and architectural style. There is a great deal of sadness to an abandoned establishment that once was host to a community of townsfolk and visitors who stopped there to drink, eat, sleep and socialise and I loved the experience of spending a few hours inside to capture the hotel before it's gone forever.