Professional Food Photography Feature: A Shoot For Game Farm Poultry

Photography by Tanya Zouev, food styling by Janet Mitchell, recipes and food preparation by Grace Campbell.

The objective was to achieve images that would represent Game Farm’s brand new line of boned spatchcocks in a creative style that would appeal to the gourmet home cook. The resulting photographs illustrate use of world cuisine in conjunction with the new product. The style brief was to keep the overall look editorial in style and a little eclectic to fit in with the world cuisine theme.

These images and the accompanying recipes appear on Game Farm’s website and on their packaging.

Game Farm Mexican Spatchcock

Game Farm Spatchcock Poached In Chinese Masterstock

Game Farm Thai BBQ Spatchcock

Game Farm Spanish Chorizo Roll

Game Farm Prosciutto Roll

5 thoughts on “Professional Food Photography Feature: A Shoot For Game Farm Poultry”

  1. All I can say is WOW. Beautiful photos. Now I’m hungry.

    1. Thanks Mimi! I’ll be posting a recipe of my own created with these same boned spatchcocks in a week or two. Watch out for that one, it will be Moroccan inspired. Regards, Tanya

  2. Yep, those photos worked. I was on their website checking out recipes straight away.

    1. That’s awesome Vicki! I’ll be posting a recipe of my own in a week or two with the same boned spatchcocks. Game Farm produce is very good. Regards, Tanya

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