Professional Photographer Sydney

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer Sydney. Tanya Zouev is one of Sydney’s best professional photographers for food photography, styled product photography, interiors and architecture and people & lifestyle photography. With decades of professional photographic experience, her work and client portfolio is full of examples of stunning photography and images that achieve sales for her clients.

Professional Food Photographer

Professional photography for food requires a very specific talent and passion for food itself. Tanya is an avid cook and is able to capture the true essence of each dish in her work. The real quality of a professional photographer shooting food is to make it so appealing that you find the subject matter irresistible and it makes your mouth water. View Tanya’s professional food photography gallery.

Professional Drink Photography

A professional drink photographer must have experience shooting reflective surface at different temperatures with the correct backlighting, props and garnishes to even begin producing professional photographs in this area.  Tanya’s years of professional photography experience have taught her all of the skills needed to perfectly capture this challenging subjust matter for her clients drink advertising campaigns. View Tanya’s professional drink photography gallery.

Professional Product Photography

Professional product photography is the perfect way to drive sales using professional photographs. Products can be brought to life if styled and captured correctly. Tanya only offers premium styled photography shots that are the hero of any campaign or product catalogue cover page.  View Tanya’s professional product photography gallery.

Best Professional Photographer Sydney

For styled food, drink, product and interior photography involving people and lifestyle imagery, Tanya is an ideal choice to consider for your next professional photography shoot.