Fortis Pillar+Tide still life photography


October 2020

Case study: Fortis Pillar + Tide still life photography.

Conceptual still life photography for property developer Fortis depicting different times of the day from dawn to dusk by way of lighting and props.

Featured in each image are pieces of stone used in the real estate development in Brighton Melbourne. Every photograph in the series is symbolic of the time of day and what one may do during that time: a morning coffee at dusk, reading a book at noon or an evening shower.

A monochromatic treatment utilising focus stacking and strong light was used and the series was photographed on a Phase One medium format system.

I was particularly excited to see the photographs of the actual hoarding used onsite of the property development (see below). I grew up in the suburb that the images are appearing in, so it felt like a kind of a close to home project to shoot.

Photography and retouching by Tanya Zouev | props styling by Kendra McCarthy.