Smoked Salmon Dip With Horseradish & Dill

Recipe, photography & styling by Tanya Zouev.

I’m a real chip and dip kinda gal, in fact it’s one of my downfalls. I attribute the old chip ‘n’ dip routine I love so dearly to the extra few kilos I carry on my butt. The urge to do so usually hits around 4pm, when I’m hungry but it’s too early for dinner. So out comes chip, dip, cheese and crackers and away I go. If it’s a Friday I’ll include wine but never on a Monday. That’s too soon after the weekend.


(Pic: vintage Chip & Dip set, as you can see the phenomenon of chip ‘n’ dip has been around for some time. Photograph courtesy Etsy seller Junkytown Vintage.)

As much as I love dips, I am not a huge fan of commercially made ones. Give me a beautiful handmade artisan dip and I’m yours, but I find the commercial ones usually loaded with more ingredients than they should contain. So some time ago I taught myself to make quite a large variety of them so I wouldn’t have to rely on shop bought ones. It’s really very easy to make your own dips when you have enthusiasm, a bit of time and imagination. I guarantee you they will always taste better and be cheaper than paying a few dollars for a tiny container which is gone in just a few scoops with your standard sized cracker.

This dip was inspired by the many rather pricey salmon dips and patés you see kicking around gourmet food shops. I mean they seem rather tasty and all but when you look closely at the ingredients you see that they actually contain very little fish and lots of “nature identical” flavours and food colouring. Food colouring? You mean to tell me there is so little salmon in this you have to colour it pink?? Puhleease.

So in protest against the commercial concoctions, my version contains lots of salmon, which is complimented by the subtle dill, lemon and horseradish flavours. The recipe also works beautifully with smoked trout. The dip is awesome with crackers and equally wonderful with pieces of dark rye bread (or with sourdough bread if wheat is your thing). Best of all, it’s super easy to make and is always a welcome addition to any chip ‘n’ dip spread.


150 grams (approx 5 ounces) smoked salmon
100 grams (approx 3.5 ounces) cream cheese such as Philadelphia
1/3 cup Greek yoghurt
juice of half a lemon
1/2 small French eschallot or 1 fat spring (green) onion
2 teaspoons fresh dill chopped finely (I love dill so I’ve been known to put up to one tablespoon in)
1 teaspoon horseradish (the shop-bought type in a jar is great)
1/2 teaspoon agave nectar or sugar (this is to balance out the acidity of the yoghurt and lemon juice)
cracked black pepper 

*note there is no need to add salt to this recipe as the smoked salmon is already salty.


1. Place all ingredients into the bowl of a food processor and process until smooth. Chill for at least half an hour before serving for the flavours to develop.

That’s all. Now go forth and chip ‘n’ dip!!


Photography & styling notes:

I thought I hit the jackpot when I found the beautiful hand-made green plate. The background fabric is a piece of scrap I found at Vinnie’s (it actually has ducks printed on the reverse!) and the vintage pottery bowl and knife are from my local Vinnie’s too. The knife came in an original vintage box from the 1970’s very much from the same era as the above pictured Chip & Dip set, and I loved the cool turned wooden handles. Maybe not something I’d use day to day but it made a great prop.



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  1. Completely in accord with your chip-and-dip routine! I have such hankerings for baguettes and dips/olive oil etc. LOVE Philadelphia’s chive one and I always go for the Greek yogurt as opposed to the regular one – so much more creamier!

    1. Hi Nina, so pleased I have another kindred chip n dip spirit who loves the routine as much as I. Thanks for stopping by my blog and happy dipping. Regards Tanya

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